How does it work?

Obagi works at the cellular level and results are dramatic:

  • reduces the signs of premature skin aging
  • Accelerates skin cell turnover through gentle exfoliation
  • reduces acne flares with the use of tretnioin
  • improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin.

What does it cost?

A trail set cost $230.00.  All products may be bought individually.  Call today to get started!

What does it improve?

  • Moderate to severe hyperpigmentation and sunspots
  • Appearance of fine line and wrinkles
  • rough, uneven skin
  • skin laxity

Most Disscussed

  1. Prescription strength
  2. Works at cellular level
  3. ​Improves brown spots

What is obagi?

Obagi is a prescription strength , physician dispensed skin care system.  It is the key to restoring healthier, younger looking skin.

​Obagi skin care