BOTOX® Cosmetic
For Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Crows Feet & Scowl Lines

Pensacola BOTOX Makes You Feel and Look Younger

Physician's Cosmetic & Laser Center helps you eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, and scowl lines with BOTOX. Pensacola area residents can take advantage of this effective skin treatment that temporarily improves the look of facial lines to make way for smooth and natural-looking skin.


BOTOX is an FDA-approved muscle-relaxing agent that prevents your facial muscles from responding to certain signals of the brain. This causes the skin to relax and soften, ensuring that your skin returns to a smooth and wrinkle-free state. During a BOTOX session, Dr. Michelle Smith uses a very fine needle to inject the medication into the areas of your face that are most plagued by wrinkles and expression lines. The results typically last for about three to four months and fade away gradually. However, after multiple treatments, results can last four to eight months or even longer.


-Quick: Treatment takes about ten minutes, meaning that you can return to your normal activities right away.


-Minimal Pain: It doesn't require an anesthetic, and you'll only feel a small pin prick.


-Effective: You’ll begin to see results within three days, but you'll reach maximum results in ten to fifteen days after the muscle is dormant and the skin relaxes. It’s at this time that you will truly notice softer, younger-looking skin.

With over twelve years of experience, our clinic has the skills and expertise to ensure that your face regains a natural, healthy glow. Thanks to our use of BOTOX, we have many satisfied patients from throughout the region, including Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Milton, Pace, and all the Greater Pensacola area. To learn more about BOTOX, Pensacola-based Physician's Cosmetic & Laser Center offers complimentary consultations for area residents who contact us at (850) 473-1441.

Easily erase years of aging

Fast, painless and affordable!


Schedule a consultation with Dr Michelle Smith at 850/473-1441 and discover how this procedure can benefit you! 

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